10 Ways to Make a Modest Condo Shine – Part 2

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June 8, 2021

Work-from-home room

I was planning to use the small second bedroom as a guest room but since no one would be visiting anytime soon, it quickly became a place to work from home. A day bed doubled as a place to read and my writing desk was turned into a mini office space for the job search.

Power of Personality

A simple white box is just that without art and books that reflect your personality. I love to read and have amassed a treasured collection of art books and novels. Book shelves were added to an open space beside the fireplace. (I still have so many more boxes of books in storage!) My art is a mix of calendar art, greeting cards, book pages, and photographs from my career as a fashion magazine editor-in-chief.

Tip: Many of my framed artwork is from pages torn from coffee table books. I invested in professional framing services to make them look like more expensive art. Worth every penny.

By the time my condo makeover was finished, it was time to move! My partner joined me from Toronto in the fall, and the Kitsilano condo was just too small with both of us working from home. Less than a year after I moved in, my realtor sold the condo the very first day for a nice profit. And now I’m off to another bigger decorating project. Let the fun begin!


By Lisa Tant