Why Apartment Living Fits Just Right

September 24, 2020

I was initially attracted to apartment ownership because it was more affordable than purchasing a single-family home. For me, as a young person under the age of thirty, price was a huge consideration, as was location, accessibility, and proximity to my work.

Beyond cost, lifestyle was a huge component in my decision to buy an apartment. My apartment is located in an up and coming part of Victoria, on the edge of what is already a very trendy area. For me, it means I am connected to a bustling neighborhood with restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. My neighborhood offers convenient access to transit and a short walking commute to my office. I love that my apartment is truly a turnkey property. I often commute between Vancouver and Victoria to see my family and I wanted a home that would make it easy to travel back and forth. Aside from worrying about my small cactus, I can lock my door at any time and know my home will be in perfect condition when I return.

As a young person, I have faced the difficulty of BC’s rental market both in Vancouver and Victoria. I’ve lived in homes ranging from basement suites, townhouses, and studio suites. I’ve been exposed to a lot of housing options, but apartment living is the best choice for me at this stage in my life. Unlike my previous studio suite, my one-bedroom gives me the option to separate my work and sleep spaces and ensures I don’t have to cook in my bedroom. The kitchen was one of the biggest selling features for me in my apartment because cooking is one of my passions. I love having a gas stove and a nice open concept kitchen to visit with friends. I went from a situation where I was living in a studio apartment to a space that was double the size of that. Although I have found an apartment that suits my needs many young people like me haven’t and are feeling the pressures of a constrained housing market across our province.

One thing I wish more municipalities across the spectrum understood is that my generation is really seeking different housing options than those who came before us. I think a lot of neighbourhoods in cities like Vancouver are being hollowed out because there aren’t enough new housing options being built like townhomes and apartments that my generation can afford. One day I would love the opportunity to move home and be closer to my family in Vancouver. My parents still live in the community where I grew up, but due to rising housing costs owning my own home near my parents is completely unattainable. Over the years I have seen a lot of my favourite coffee shops and breweries go out of business because there aren’t enough people living in these areas to support them. I hope one day there will be a nice apartment I can buy near my parents, but for now, my one-bedroom in Victoria fits just right.

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