Here’s how BC’s development industry is working to rebuild the province

July 16, 2020

BC’s development industry is working hard to rebuild the province, the economy and the communities.

According to the Urban Development Institute, communities are stronger when everyone can find a good home.

“Our industry is working hard to rebuild our province, our economy and our communities,” they say.

The UDI is helping communities through its core pillars which include: building more housing options, linking homes to transit, enhancing affordability through fair taxation, building homes faster, and making rental homes a reality.

“From rental homes and micro apartments to laneway homes and assisted living facilities, British Columbians are seeking modern home choices. There is strength in diversity,” says the UDI.

It also adds that new home face steep taxes, “reducing taxes, fees and charges can help reduce rents and moderate home prices.”

The UDI is also encouraging new rental homes with innovative solutions such as targeted rebates or financial incentives.

“We choose to live here. A province of possibility, vibrancy, and limitless opportunity,” says the UDI.

“British Columbia’s future is in our hands. If we build for the many, not the few, we will see economic recovery.”

For more information, check out UDI’s new initiative HOME.

Originally posted on Daily Hive

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